Microsoft Offers a Sneak Peek at the Xbox Streaming Device

Microdoft Offers Xbox Streaming Device

Microsoft’s Xbox head, Phil Spencer, has just revealed the first look at an unreleased Xbox streaming device. CNET first reported on the rumor last summer, when Microsoft announced that a dedicated Xbox streaming device optimized for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate would be released.

It wouldn’t be the first time Spencer teased an upcoming product in this manner before its official unveiling. Spencer hid the Xbox Series S on his bookshelf during interviews ahead of the launch of Microsoft’s current-gen consoles in November 2020.

This device, codenamed Keystone, will allow users to connect it to a TV and stream games rather than purchasing a new Xbox console. The photo was posted to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Fallout, but The Verge reporters noticed an unknown device sitting on the top center of his shelf.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the image depicted an earlier version of Keystone, but the company is still working on the model to be released.

According to a spokesperson, “the item on Phil’s shelf was an old Keystone prototype.” We announced earlier this year that we have chosen to pivot away from the current Keystone iteration and are refocusing our efforts on a new strategy that will allow us to deliver Xbox Cloud Gaming to more players globally in the future.

There has been speculation about when the device will be released and what type of device it may be. While there were reports that the device would be a streaming stick that plugged directly into an HDMI port or a Google Chromecast-like “puck,” the photo posted on Twitter shows the device is a small white box reassembling the X box Series S.
Microsoft fans can access Xbox Game Pass and many great Xbox games while they wait for the Xbox streaming device.

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