Weather Strip and Apollo Weather updated with new Feature

Weather Strip and Apollo Weather updates

The unique weather apps, Weather Strip and Apollo Weather, have received new updates this week. Weather Strip, which features a week-long timeline view, has received minute-by-minute perception forecosts and more while Apollo Weather, which is a focus on athletes, has updated with weather Groups and Route Analysis.

Weather Strip 1.8 that arrived with the minute-by-minute rain and snow forecasts, changes are the following:

  • Minute-by-minute perception forecasts are based on the reader
  • Covering rain, snow, and cloud text summary
  • Background colors for home screen widgets are configurable.
  • There are many smaller improvements and fixes
  • The daily perception is displaying in weekly and combo widgets

On the other hand, Apollo Weather has received the updates that’s spacially handy for the cyclists with version1.3. It helps in multiple locations to track hourly forecasts. While for runners and hikers it is too valuable and excels for cycling. Cyclist can easily monitor weather condition for embarking on a ride along with adding a route to visualizing journey, that simplifying planning and preparation.

Apollo Weather is a free app can download fron app store while purchasing the app can unlock all capabilities of the app.

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