Apple Card promo offering up to $125 Daily Cash reward to promote ‘Family’ feature

Apple Card Family Promo

Apple Card offering $125 in Daily Cash rewards to the Card holders for limited-time promotion. This campaign is specialy focused on all those Apple Card holders who have taken advantages of the Apple Card Family feature.

The Apple Card Family allows all primary cardholder to share account with their family members whose age is 13 or up to 13.Apple’s Wallet app allows the cardholder to check every individual spending, but members can only access to spending.

This experience also allows each Apple Card Family members to earn their own Daily Cash. This is the primary support of Apple Card, while it’s offers on Apple Card transaction different percentage rates for cash back.

Apple Card holders are invited to earn by sharing up to $125 with your family for a limited time for the new promotion.According to Apple, adding up to 5 members each will get $25 via Apple Card Family.This promotion is currently live and will run until Monday, June 5. So, act quickly and seize the opportunity to earn $125 effortlessly.

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