With the USB-C upgrade, only iPhone 15 Pro models will support faster data transfers

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the switch to USB-C will enable faster wired transfer rates on the iPhone 15 Pro models that are anticipated for release in 2019.

While all iPhone 15 models will have USB-C ports in place of Lightning ports, only the iPhone 15 Pro models will have faster transfer rates. USB 2.0 speeds, which are the same as Lightning speeds, will remain a feature of the standard iPhone 15 models.

With support for “at least” USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3, Kuo claims that transfer speeds on the iPhone 15 Pro models will probably “improve markedly.” The new iPhone 15 Pro models will be able to transfer video files and other file types at faster rates thanks to the upgrade, and Kuo anticipates a noticeably better user experience.

While USB 3.2 supports speeds up to 20Gb/s, USB 2.0 is only capable of 480Mb/s of data transfer. If Kuo is right, there will be a significant difference in wired data transfer speeds between the Pro and non-Pro iPhone 15 models because Thunderbolt 3 supports data transfer speeds of up to 40Gb/s.

The first USB-C iPhones are expected next year as Apple switches over to USB-C across its entire product line. Apple is making the change to adhere to European laws that demand non-proprietary, widespread charging methods for electronic devices.

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