iOS 17 adds interactive widgets for the Home app

iOS 17's interactive widgets for Home app

Interactive widgets for the Home app are a huge improvement in iOS 17 over earlier iterations. Apple now provides widgets specifically designed for managing HomeKit accessories from the Home Screen. Two widget sizes are available in iOS 17: a 2×2 option that shows four accessories and a larger version that can show up to eight. The same proportions and interaction are offered by iPadOS 17.

There are two setting choices for the widgets: “Recommended,” where iOS makes intelligent accessory selections based on the time of day, and a manual option. Simple operations like turning on/off lights or locking/unlocking doors can be performed by tapping on individual widget squares, but more complex adjustments still require the Home app.

Additionally, if you utilize personalized Home Screens connected to Focus modes, you can have many widget variations for every mode. The current beta of iOS 17 might need some tweaks, though, since long room names or accessories may result in text-cutting issues in the widgets. 

Before the device’s official debut this autumn, Apple is anticipated to improve the design. With iOS 17, controlling your HomeKit devices is easier and available directly from the Home Screen of your iPhone.

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