watchOS 10 lets you add cards to Apple Pay from Apple Watch

watchOS 10 add cards to Apple Pay

In addition to what Apple stated during the opening keynote of WWDC 2023, there are some other new features concealed throughout the system. wastchOS 10 now lets users add cards to Apple Pay directly from the Apple Watch, eliminating the need to use an iPhone.

The Apple Watch Wallet app now includes an “Add Card” button. Previously, customers had to use the iPhones Watch app to add a new card to Apple Pay. With this change, however, the Apple Pay setup procedure can now be completed on the Apple Watch.

Users are walked through the entire Apple Pay setup process when they touch to add a new card to the Wallet app. The credit card number, expiration date, and security code can all be entered directly from the watch. You won’t need your iPhone to finish the setup if your bank allows further verification via SMS/phone call, rather than utilizing the bank’s app.

Yes, the Apple Watch still needs a paired iPhone to function, but it appears that Apple wants customers to do more without removing the iPhone from their pocket. Visit WWDC 2023 session for more information about what’s new with Apple Pay.

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