Apple Weather App is Down again, Company Acknowledges Outage

Apple Weather App is Down again

This week has not been good for the Apple Weather app. This week it seems like the Apple Weather app backend has been experiencing outages every day, and today is no exception. On its system status page, Apple formally acknowledged the most recent instance of issues and noted that Weather may be delayed or unavailable.

As a result of the numerous outages, this is the third occasion that has been reported on the system status page. In the same vein, last night saw difficulties with iMessage and other Apple services like iCloud. The Apple Weather app and widgets will display loading states or error messages like “no weather data” while the weather service is down. 

Every day, millions of Apple customers use Weather, the iPhone’s standard default app. In order to update the system app with a first-party data backbone and new user-facing features, including next-hour precipitation alerts and weather maps, Apple bought Dark Sky in March 2020.

Up until this past week, the revamp of the app, which was first introduced on the iPhone with iOS 15, had garnered generally positive reviews. Apple should soon be able to restore service stability.

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