You can now Buy Unlocked iPhones Through Best Buy

Buy Unlocked iPhones Through Best Buy

Best Buy is increasing the selection of Apple goods it sells once more. According to the corporation, it will begin selling unlocked bas of today, but only some models are offered.

In the past, Best Buy has exclusively offered brand-new iPhones through carrier agreements. This means that the merchant would only offer you an iPhone that needed to be activated through that carrier and was locked to a certain network. You would need to purchase an iPhone from another reseller or Apple directly if you wanted one that was unlocked for use with any carrier.

But as of right now, Best Buy is offering brand-new, unlocked iPhone models that may be used with any carrier. The smartphones in stock are the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE, according to Joe Rossignol. The most recent iPhone 14 models aren’t supported and are only available through carriers.

Purchasing an unlocked iPhone has many advantages, including allowing you to use it with any network of your choice and switching carriers at any time. Additionally, you are not bound by any kind of contract and are free to sell the item whenever you choose.

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