Apple Meets with Retail Workers to Discuss Unionization Risks

Apple Meets with Retail Workers

Apple is reportedly holding nationwide meetings with retail workers to discuss the risks of unionization. Bloomberg reports that Apple is continuing its efforts to prevent stores from unionizing by holding meetings with employees and emphasizing the “risks of unionization” using talking points prepared by corporate teams.

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers(IAM), the union that represents the Towson workforce, demanded that dues be paid by employees at the meetings, and Apple officials cautioned staff about this.

Managers suggested that unions could make changes in employee permission and cited the situation in St. Louis, where workers dropped their unionization efforts last year, as a cautionary tale against unionization.

Despite two Apple Stores in the US have already voted in favor of unionization, managers emphasized that the union’s proposals could put employees at a disadvantage and provided an update on the bargaining efforts at the Apple Store in Towson. The company reminding employees that it is their right to vote on unionization, Apple’s underlying message appears to be clear: if your store unionizes, you may be at a disadvantage.

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