Lego 1961 Corvette celebrates 70 years of America’s sports car

Lego 1961 Corvette

Lego celebrates the 70th birthday of the Chevrolet Corvette with a new release in their “Icons” series. The set is designed for adults and comprises a 1,210-piece kit that recreates the 1961 Corvette. Measuring about 12.5 inches when complete, the set captures the car’s essence with a removable hardtop and the option to display it with the convertible top on or off. Builders can choose between Michigan and California license plates.

While the 70th anniversary is being celebrated, it’s important to note that the Lego set represents the 1961 model, not the original 1953 version. The choice to focus on the 1961 model is understandable, given its recognition and iconic features. Despite some minor limitations, such as the use of gray plastic instead of chrome, the Lego set successfully captures the Corvette’s curves.

The set follows in the footsteps of other Icons releases, such as the 1969 Camaro Z/28, Porsche 911, VW T2, Ghostbusters Ecto-1, Back to the Future Delorean, Vespa, and a generic “Pickup Truck.” The Lego Corvette set will be available on August 1st, recommended for builders aged 18 and above, and priced at $150. It offers an enjoyable building experience for Corvette enthusiasts, making it a great activity for the summer.

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