Elon Musk: xAI will work with Tesla and seek to ‘understand the universe’

xAI will work with Tesla

Elon Musk announced that the goal of his new artificial intelligence business, xAI, is to “understand the universe.” Musk went into several themes, including the Earth’s evolution and the fragility of civilization, during a lengthy Twitter Spaces audio chat, while presenting his vision for xAI.

Musk quipped that the mission statement for xAI would be “What the hell is really going on?” This statement expresses his ambition to broaden humanity’s understanding of the universe.

Musk’s introduction of xAI comes after he chastised businesses such as OpenAI and Google for creating AI technology without taking into account the risks to people. Although attempts for a response from OpenAI and Google went unanswered, Musk indicated that xAI’s objective is to develop a “good AGI” as a substitute for Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI’s offerings.

Musk stated his aim for xAI to interact closely with his other enterprises, Twitter and Tesla, during the Spaces session, which was delayed due to algorithm modifications. The startup intends to train its AI models using public tweets and may seek collaborations with Tesla to build AI software. Musk believes that this agreement will give reciprocal benefits and may hasten Tesla’s journey toward self-driving capabilities.

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