5 Additions You Can Make to Your Jeep

5 Additions You Can Make to Your Jeep

Americans collectively spend over 70 billion hours annually on the roads. Cars have become integral to lives, enabling routine errands and thrilling adventures. There are several ways to make your car journey more enjoyable whether embarking on an epic road trip or just commuting to work. Below are five fantastic additions that will elevate your driving experiences to new heights.

The 2-inch Lift Kit

For Jeep enthusiasts seeking to conquer the most challenging terrains, the 2-inch lift kit proves to be an invaluable addition. The unmatched 4×4 prowess of the iconic Jeep brand comes to life with this kit. It ensures a ride that can handle any challenge thrown its way. This kit stands out because it uses a customized strategy.


The weight of the particular rig they will be installed on allows the springs and dampers to be perfectly matched. It helps to guarantee optimal performance. The comprehensive package includes new front lower control arms and front and rear stabilizer links. It also has front and rear bump stops, all required fastening hardware, alongside the four larger springs and remote-reservoir Bilstein shocks.

Ceramic Coating

This relatively new innovation is applied to the car’s paint, particularly after paint correction work. It creates a hydrophobic layer that bonds directly with the original clear coat. The vehicle gains superior protection against many chemical and environmental factors. It shields it from potential damage and maintains its pristine outlook for years. With minimal maintenance, a ceramic coating ensures your Jeep retains its showroom shine. It leaves you free to focus on the adventures that lie ahead.

Smoked Lens Tail Kit

Upgrade your Jeep’s style and functionality with the smoked tail lens kit. It boasts a dark-smoked polycarbonate lens for a sleek, custom appearance. These LED lights shine even brighter than the OEM lights. They ensure increased visibility on and off the road, including while reversing. The easy plug-and-play installation simplifies the process, and the kit is sold in pairs, making it a hassle-free upgrade.


The smoked lens enhances aesthetics and eliminates the red-eye sores you see at the rear of your Jeep. This elevates its appeal and gives it that sought-after custom appearance. Take the plunge and experience the benefits of the XK Glow smoked tail lens kit for a captivating, upgraded Jeep experience.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Kit

Investing in a tire pressure monitoring kit for your Jeep offers invaluable benefits. The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) serves a crucial purpose: warning you when your tires are under-inflated. It helps to avoid potentially unsafe driving conditions. It also allows you to prevent many serious accidents before they occur. Stay ahead of potential hazards, optimize your driving experience, and prioritize safety on every journey with a reliable tire pressure monitoring kit for your Jeep.

Futuristic Tech

Integrating futuristic technologies into your Jeep unlocks a world of benefits that revolutionize safety and convenience on the road. One such technology is Animal Detection, a cutting-edge system that mitigates the unfortunate prevalence of roadkill accidents.


Additionally, using Biometrics transforms how you interact with your car. It replaces traditional keys with fingerprint access for added security. It also reduces car theft, as only authorized drivers can unlock the vehicle with a simple touch. Embrace the incredible possibilities of futuristic tech in your Jeep as it ushers in a new era of safety and convenience on your journeys.


Incorporating these additions into your Jeep can elevate the joy of driving to new heights. The lift kit adds versatility and off-road prowess, while the ceramic coating enhances style and protection. With the smoked lens tail kit, your Jeep exudes a custom look while ensuring improved visibility. The TPMS keeps you safe and efficient while embracing futuristic tech, bringing convenience and innovation to your driving experience.

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