2025 Mini Cooper interior reveals a minimalist retro design

2025 Mini Cooper

The 2025 Mini Cooper interior reveals a stunning combination of minimalist and retro design elements. In what Mini refers to as a “teaser,” but is ‌a comprehensive visual revelation, the changes and updates are evident throughout the cabin, setting it apart from its predecessors.

At the heart of the interior is a sizable circular display, serving as the focal point for the new infotainment system software. This massive screen houses all essential information, including gear selection, electric range, power meter, navigation hub, and media player.

Mini’s commitment to minimalism is evident throughout the interior. The dashboard sports a clean and straightforward design, complemented by elegant lights and fabric animations. The horizontal air vent seamlessly integrates with the new dash, while the door materials exude sophistication, and the armrest promises comfort.

Moving towards the center console, you’ll find USB Type-C charge ports, a wireless phone charger, and a pair of cupholders, showcasing practicality without compromising style.

The design inspiration for the 2025 model is clear from the video demonstration, where the interior evolves from its predecessor to embrace a digitized retro charm. As Mini continues to unveil further details about the new Cooper, this initial glimpse sets the stage for an exciting and promising future.

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