Tesla faces citizen grilling on impact of German plant expansion

Tesla faces citizen grilling

The German city of GRUENHEIDE Tesla held a question-and-answer session to address locals’ worries about its proposed expansion in Brandenburg state. The expansion aims to make the local plant the largest car factory in Germany. Tesla hopes to double the plant’s production capacity to 1 million vehicles annually and add 50-gigawatt hours of battery production capacity. 

Addressing queries from locals, Tesla workers discussed issues like water use, biodiversity protection, and the environmental impact assessment. The company aims to alleviate concerns that could hinder approval from local authorities. The first construction phase was delayed due to objections primarily related to environmental worries. 

Tesla argues that the plant’s impact is relatively low and highlights the environmental benefits of electric vehicles. The planned expansion includes a new 700-by-700-meter production space, double the size of the current hall, and may increase the staff count to 22,500 from 10,000. 

Attendees’ main concern was how Tesla will expand the plant without additional water, which the company plans to address through recycling the licensed amount of 1.4 million cubic meters. Some attendees expressed water scarcity concerns, while others saw it as a broader issue requiring solutions.

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