Ford shows Fox Body Mustang owners some love with new parts

Fox Body Mustang

Ford is showing some love to its devoted Fox Body Mustang enthusiasts by introducing new parts. The Ford Performance division revealed these additions at a gathering dedicated to the third-gen pony car, a move that delights loyal fans. To celebrate this iconic model, Ford organized a Foxfest car show at its Michigan headquarters.


During the event, Ford unveiled fresh accessories for the Fox Body, including seats and car covers. Recaro has designed the “Monza 2.0” seats, tailored for the Fox Body’s ’80s aesthetic. With squared-off seat backs, suede inserts, and stylish horizontal stripes, they embody both comfort and class. 


The Fox Body car cover stands out as a must-have for 1979-93 Mustang owners. Custom-fitted for the third-gen ‘Stang, it’s a marked improvement over generic covers. What truly captivates, though, are the triple blue stripes reminiscent of the 1980s Zakspeed Turbo Mustang race car.


Ford Performance isn’t solely catering to Fox Body aficionados; new seats and car covers for the S550 Mustang were also introduced. While the white seats might remind some of the gaming chairs, this move underscores Ford’s commitment to its enthusiasts. Perhaps Ford will continue to expand its offerings, sparking nostalgia with each new addition.

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