FCC issues $300 million fine against car warranty robocall operation


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has levied a record $300 million fine against a sprawling car warranty robocall scheme, following extensive investigation and legal action initiated by Ohio. This fine, the largest in FCC history, targets a prolific auto warranty scam operation that had infuriated and inundated countless individuals with intrusive robocalls.


Despite numerous aliases like Sumco Panama SA, Davis Telecom, Fugle Telecom, and others, the masterminds, Roy Melvin Cox, Jr. and Aaron Michael Jones, oversaw this illicit enterprise. Operating globally since 2018, they flagrantly disregarded telemarketing regulations, with a penchant for flouting the Do Not Call registry, call identification, and opt-out provisions. Their audacious tactics involved over a billion caller ID number disguises and billions of robocalls, even using hospital numbers to deceive healthcare workers and the public.


Ohio’s Attorney General, Dave Yost, led the legal charge against Sumco, revealing the inner workings of their operation. Following FCC’s directive to telecoms to block Sumco’s traffic, call volume plummeted significantly. Yet, the fine’s enforcement rests with the U.S. Department of Justice, posing potential delays. FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel emphasized the urgency for Congress to empower the FCC to directly collect fines, promising unwavering commitment to eradicate the scourge of robocalls.”

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