List of the Top Kodi Addons in 2023

Best Kodi Addons

I was able to put together a list of the best Kodi add-ons that you need in 2023. I’m sure they’ll make it easier for you to appreciate all information. They are also compatible with Kodi’s most recent version. Let’s investigate them.

The Crew

This addon has been in existence for a while. It has become a necessary addon since the most recent releases. The Crew is ideal if you enjoy sports, movies, IPTV, and on-demand content. Additionally, it enables you to stream HD content without buffering or other problems common with streaming add-ons. 

The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon Magic Dragon is a comprehensive Kodi Addon with numerous sections and categories.

Movie World, TV World, Trakt World, New Releases, Box Sets, 4K Movies, People Watching, Cams/HDTS, Movie Picks, Documentary Documentaries, Latest Episodes, and much more are among the sections.

Magic Dragon is compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix and offers free and Real-Debrid links.


You should uninstall all other additions and only install Venom if you enjoy watching movies and TV shows. This add-on is straightforward to use. Why is it so well-liked? The devs indeed appear to be interested in it, though. Latest features and occasional bug fixes are frequently added to it. In other words, you receive an addon that is ideal for streaming movies and TV episodes without dealing with issues.


I pledge to start out on the right foot. It’s unfair to compare this to add-ons like Venom. But it is catching up swiftly. In addition to TV shows and movies, you may access anime, documentaries, and cartoons. New genres are created as a result of the addon’s regular upgrades.

Ascending Tides

Who is a sports fan? We each do (hopefully). All sporting events can be streamed without interruption with Rising Tides, whether in baseball, basketball, or football. What about it is the best? You can stream live events with no problem, though!


Enjoy live television? If so, immediately download TVONE111, the ideal add-on for live TV streaming. It has hundreds of streaming links, and the developers continue to add new ones all the time. The ability to search for channels by nation is what makes it unique.

The Promise

A Kodi addon called The Promise is a fork of the defunct Oath addon.It features categories for People, Tools, Downloads, Search, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, and TV Shows.

Right now, it’s performing excellently and bringing in lots of free links.

The Oath plugin, formerly a very well-liked Kodi plugin, is well-replaced by the Promise addon.

Scrubs V2

A video addon for Kodi called Scrubs V2 may be found in the Jewbmx Repository.

Movies, TV Shows, Episodes, My Stuff, More Stuff, Tools, and more are among the sections.

Older top addon Scrubs V2 is currently functioning flawlessly with Kodi 19 Matrix after being updated.


Homelander is a Kodi video addon that appears to be a fork of the previous Oath/Exodus plugins and can be found in the Crew Repository.

Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, People, Tools, and Search are all available from the main menu.

The Homelander is now operating reasonably well, it is speedy, and it pulls in a large number of links.

THX 1138

THX 1138 is a new Kodi video addon from No One Repository that includes both Debrid and free links.

It is divided into Movies, TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, Tools, and Search.


Nightwing is a Kodi video add-on that can be found in the Magnetic repository.

1-Click, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Docs, Fitness, and other categories are available.

Scrappers are used to find links in the movies and TV series sections, which are currently operating quite effectively.


Asgard is a valuable addition with various divisions, including movie and TV show sections.

It provides a variety of connections to pick from, including Real-Debrid, which is distinct from the regular links.

Non-Debrid, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, Documentaries, Concerts, Anime, IPTV, and other sections are available.

The movie area frequently contains new movies that other addons do not, making it easy to find something to watch.

Those who use free links should use the Non-Debrid area, which is currently working quite effectively.


Gratis is a Kodi video addon that provides free links from the Diggz Repository.

Latest Movies, Tending Movies, Latest Seasons, and other sections are available.

Gen X

Gen X is a No One Repository Kodi video addon with numerous categories and sections.

TV Shows, British Cinema, Family Movies, UK Soap Catchup, Comedy Shows, Live In Concert, Documentary Heaven, Crackle TV, Video Jukebox, Live Webcams, Free To Air TV, and Fan Zone are all areas.

Real Debrid and free links are available on Gen X.


Schwifty is a video addon for Kodi that can be found in the Narcissist Wizard Repository.

4K Movies RD, New Movies, British Cinema, Family Movies, UK Soap Catchup, TV Shows, Comedy Shows, Live in Concert, Documentary Heaven, Crackle TV, Live Webcams, and other sections are available.

There are both free and premium Real Debrid links in the Schwifty addon.


Kingpin is a new Kodi addon that appears to be a knockoff of the once-popular Venom addon.

It should be noted that this add-on is only compatible with Real-Debrid and other premium debrid services.

With Real-Debrid incorporated, Kingpin gives many high-quality links that play exceptionally fast.

Fido K19

Fido K19 is a Kodi video add-on with a plethora of streams and sources ranging from movies and TV series to live TV.

Favourites, 24/7 programmes, Live TV, Music, Classic Movies/TV, Movies, Kids Area, Stand Up Comedy, Fitness, TV Box sets, Faith in Humanity, Need for Speed, and more sections are available.

It provides many sources from which to play a video.


POV is a new Kodi addon that appears to be a fork of the previously popular FEN addon.

It should be noted that this add-on is only compatible with Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, and other premium debrid providers.


This well-liked addon was recently updated with new features and options.

Patriot includes selections for Movies as well as many other categories, which we mention below.

No One

No One is a video addon for Kodi that can be found in the Narcissist Wizard Repository.

New Movies Free, New Movies Debrid, New TV Shows, 4K Movies, British Cinema, Family Movies, Comedy Shows, Live in Concert, TV Apps, and other sections are available.

There are both free and Real Debrid links in the No One addon.

What You Should Know About Kodi Addons Besides That

You know Kodi’s status as one of the top media player programmes available. Its adaptability is what makes it so remarkable. You can play local storage-stored files or stream web media. Additionally, it is accessible on almost all platforms. It is available for Linux and the Raspberry Pi, two operating systems that the majority of people probably haven’t even heard of.

If you’re curious, it’s also accessible on Windows, Android, and iOS/OSX. Additionally, if you don’t mind installing a few add-ons, Kodi will quickly surpass all rival media players. If Kodi is new to you and you just installed it, you could be easily confused. We can assure you that there is no need for concern, nevertheless.

Road map for Kodi Addons users

You will quickly become an expert at Kodi if you follow the advice in this article. Instead of being a regular blog post, this article is more of a road map for Kodi users. Links to several Kodi how-to manuals, common Kodi problems & their fixes, and much more are provided in the paragraphs below.

  • Your initial step should be to familiarize yourself with Kodi’s interface, features, and other fundamentals. Think of it as a Kodi beginner’s manual. Congratulations if you have already mastered the fundamentals. However, you can learn a lot more about it from our comprehensive Kodi guide.
  • Kodi has its fair share of issues, much like other software programmes. Problems with content playback, installing add-ons, etc., are more often than you may imagine. But their answers are as well. We have developed a Kodi Issues Guide.
  • Every product we use should have a personal touch, according to everyone. Do we not? What makes Kodi an exception, then? Check out our guide to the newest and best Kodi skins.
  • Have you decided to install a few add-ons because you were bored with the stock Kodi repository? We have every stage of the process handled for you. We offer a tonne of articles on the Best Kodi Addons in addition to our Guide on Best Kodi Repositories. Of course, our guide on Kodi issues covers installing them and dealing with any connected problems.

Final Words

Once Kodi is installed, there is no turning back. Because Kodi enables me to have all of my favorite applications (addons) in one media player, I give it a high rating. I can watch various kinds of entertainment without worrying about switching between applications or altering any settings. You won’t need much time to master Kodi with the aid of this guide. Make sure to follow each instruction in the Guides carefully. Your favorite content will stream without interruption thanks to this fixing any Kodi problems.

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