Lotus Emeya concludes winter testing, brings unique treats

Lotus Emeya features

Consider the Lotus Emeya to be the sedan version of the Eletre SUV, incorporating Lotus’ most recent brand ideals into a body shape more reminiscent of the original Lotus. As the manufacturer prepares for production later this year, we have more information on what to expect from the Taycan competitor’s English counterpart. The battery size is 102 kWh; if accurate, this would be less than the Eletre SUV’s gross 112-kWh battery, which yields a usable 109-kWh.

Lotus claims the Electre’s projection is 29 inches. In addition to being “the largest and most advanced in any Lotus,” it provides “a Snow Mode which turns the display blue, allowing the driver to see the shape of the road more clearly against a white backdrop.”

The sedan also features an active rear spoiler four inches wider than the SUV is from front to back, measuring 11.7 inches vs 7.7 inches. Adjusting the angle of the SUV’s spoiler can produce up to 112.5 kilos of downforce.

After going on sale in China, the Emeya will travel to Europe and the United States, so we should not expect it until early next year, along with the Evija hypercar. Car magazine reported that a Lotus presentation suggested an MSRP of $100,000, which is nearly comparable to the base Porsche Taycan’s MSRP in the United States.

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