Driver launches Corolla into second floor of a house, and cops say it was on purpose


Occasionally, we’ll observe a car crash in which a miscalculation of road height causes a vehicle to catch a lot of air. We recently watched a video of a stolen Lincoln Town Car flying like Simone Biles in San Francisco, and it truly stuck the landing. But these are just coincidences. Over the weekend, a 2006 Toyota Corolla defied gravity for a few seconds and slammed into the second floor of a home in Lewistown, Pa. – and the cops believe the driver did it on purpose.


Pennsylvania State Police have not said why they believe the Sunday afternoon crash was “intentional,” or whether the 20-year-old driver knew the home’s occupants, but he has been arrested and faces a slew of charges. 


After poking a massive hole in a second-story room, the automobile ended up on a first-story roof. One of the residents was present but was downstairs. The house, or target, is located across from an open field, and there is a culvert nearby that officials believe the motorist utilized as a launchpad. 


“The rise and elevation from the bottom and top of the culvert was enough to give the vehicle the ability to clear the vehicles in the driveway and land on the second floor of the house,” said the administrator of the responding Junction Fire Company to The Washington Post.

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