Next-Gen Apple Watch Screen Technology Delayed to 2025 or Later

Next-Gen Apple Watch Screen Technology Delayed

Over the past few months, numerous rumours have suggested that the Apple Watch will eventually convert from OLED to micro-LED. However, a brand-new report from analyst Ross Young today suggests that Apple has already made the decision to put off the transition.

A larger Apple Watch Ultra with micro-LED technology is expected in 2024, according to analyst Jeff Pu’s report from January. Shortly after, Bloomberg confirmed the claim, stating that by the end of 2024, Apple would switch to micro-LED displays for its “highest-end Apple Watches.” Ross Young, an expert, claimed that Apple has already postponed this move until the first half of 2025 at the earliest. 

In comparison to OLED, micro-LED panels have a number of advantages, including higher brightness levels, more uniform color output, fewer burn-in artifacts, and greater power efficiency. As Apple works towards employing its own screens for the iPhone and Apple Watch, the shift to micro-LED for the Apple Watch seems timely. Displays for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch are now purchased from vendors including Samsung and LG.

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