Apple Executive Phil Schiller Deactivates Twitter Account


Following recent developments on the platform, Apple’s Phil Schiller, who is in charge of Apple events and the App Store, has deactivated his Twitter account.

Apple’s head of events and the App Store is Phil Schiller. While Schiller wasn’t particularly active on Twitter, deactivating his account could be a sign of things to come. Schiller had over 200,000 followers and had been on the platform since 2008. Mark Gurman pointed out in his latest Power On newsletter that Twitter’s lack of moderation under the new owner could put it in an awkward situation.

Schiller frequently used his account to promote and interact with customers about new Apple products, services, software, and initiatives. However, as RealClobber Mark Gurman pointed out on Twitter, Schiller’s account is no longer active. According to a web archive of the account dated November 4. The account had over 200,000 followers and was created in November 2008.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced yesterday that former President Trump’s account would be reinstated on the platform after it was suspended in January 2021. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently commented on the future of Twitter and the social media platform’s relationship with Apple in a recent interview. During the interview, Cook expressed confidence that Twitter’s moderation standards would be upheld under the new leadership.
Twitter intends to increase monetization, and Apple and Google will be critical partners in that endeavor. It would be unfortunate if Apple objected to the new verification process and content moderation policy. As the company’s revamped Twitter Blue subscription is set to launch later this month. Apple may even remove the app from the App Store, rendering even the best iPhones unable to use it.

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