Ultra-fast rototype Polestar 5 coming next year with batteries from StoreDot

Fast Electric Car Revolution

Polestar staged a large event on Thursday to announce numerous ambitions for the electric car brand. One of the most intriguing disclosures was that it and Israeli battery start-up StoreDot have made significant progress in their ultra-fast charging battery technology. Polestar will, in fact, demonstrate a running Polestar 5 prototype powered by StoreDot batteries in 2024.


 According to StoreDot, their technology may allow an electric automobile to travel 100 miles in just 5 minutes. In addition, stickers on images of the prototype Polestar battery packs promise the ability to charge from 10% to 80% in under 10 minutes.


Instead of employing graphite-based electrodes in existing lithium-ion batteries, StoreDot has focused on silicon-based electrodes, specifically the anodes in the batteries. StoreDot believes that their anode design will boost the energy density of LFP batteries as well.


This prototype will most likely be used in Polestar’s testing to see how these batteries perform in the real world and how to make them work on a production level. Because this is merely a prototype, it’s difficult to estimate how near the batteries are to being ready for mass manufacturing. However, the appeal of charging periods no longer than a petrol station fill-up is tremendous, and it might be a terrific choice or bridge to solid-state battery technology.

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