Post Pandemic Marketing Strategies That Work

Post Pandemic Marketing Strategies That Work

According to, about half the population of Canada is vaccinated with at least one dose of Covid-19. There’s hope that in-person gatherings are soon returning to normal. To a business owner, this is the right moment to rethink your marketing strategies. You have to put in mind people’s expectations in the new world. 

With virtual events still dominating, your marketing strategies should engage and create personal connections with customers effectively. Your brand needs an authentic and real connection with the market. Personal connections build authenticity and trust. Here are some strategies that will make your business stand out in the post pandemic world. 

Hybrid events

Hosting events allows your brand to connect with leads and prospects on a personal level. Virtual events are now prevalent because of COVID but you should consider hybrid events in the post pandemic era. You will reach a broader audience and cater to the individual needs of prospects. Hybrid events portray brand empathy by connecting with people in a manner that suits them better (either in person or virtual). 

Events build brand authority and prospects are more likely to order what you offer. People who attend your event get a first-hand experience of your brand. This gives you chance to share your unique selling proposition, samples, or demos with them. Finally, events leave a lasting impression after impacting them meaningfully. This is a wonderful inspiration to always think about your brand when need comes.

Branded gifts

Everyone feels delighted about receiving a gift. Your customers will feel appreciated and valued.  You have to team up with the best Canadian printing company for items for sending to prospects, customers, and people who attend your events. Branded gifts bridge any gap in your marketing strategy. A professional printing company will have experts to guide you in selecting items that match your target persona. 

The ideal branded gifts for a brand are useful and intentional. Some ideas for gifts you should consider include:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Caps
  • Key chains
  • Mugs
  • Water bottles

Online presence

This seems obvious today but it can’t be over-emphasized. Online connections come in various angles but offer significant benefits to building your brand presence. Online events allow connecting with people through message boards, chat rooms, and video calls. These events allow connecting and networking even among guests. 

Online webinars including one-one sessions with speakers add value to prospects. Virtual meet-ups encourage connecting on a more personal level. Besides, this is the right moment to upgrade your website and social media pages. You have to update content on your website to increase search ranking. Hiring a social media manager allows connecting with prospects making inquiries or orders. 

Harness video content 

People love watching videos today. You should consider the use of live videos in your marketing strategy. Encourage customers to send videos of their unboxing experience or use videos in your email newsletters. Additionally, use social media to interview customers and industry thought leaders on live video. Alternatively, you can use the live sessions to respond to frequently asked questions. The power of video marketing can’t be overlooked with millions of people hooked on to YouTube and Tik Tok. 


Forming partnerships is another way to push your brand forward in the post pandemic era. Partner with someone relevant in your industry to expand your brand reach and offer value to customers. Forms of partnerships to consider include sponsored content on websites and social media. This allows connecting with more prospects and opens doors to the future. 

The right partnership will enhance your brand’s perceived value. Additionally, a partnership allows developing of new ideas and becoming more creative through brainstorming. The most significant benefit of a partnership is increased brand exposure and tapping into a new market. 

Social cause

With consumers demanding more from their favorite brands, a social cause is a great idea. This portrays that your brand aligns with customer values. Millennials are more likely to switch to brands with products launched for a social cause. However, you have to make your campaign resonate with the emotional needs of customers and prospects to feel authentic and real. 

Ideas of social causes to consider include:

  • Donating a percentage of profit to charity 
  • Promoting a socially conscious message
  • Rally people for support 
  • Having staff volunteer in the community 

Empathic marketing

The trick to successful marketing today is to create human experiences around your brand. This requires understanding your customers and what they are dealing with. You have to put yourself in their shoes and seek to find solutions to their problems. This makes building a personal connection and making a lasting impression easier. 

When trying to make a comeback, your marketing strategies are very important. In this post COVID-era, consumers spend a lot of time online watching videos and support brands that emphasize with their current situation. From the ideas above, now it is up to you to select what will work best for your brand.  

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