Ram exec all but admits a flagship above the RHO is on the way

Ram flagship pickup development

As part of the Ram RHO pickup’s marketing effort, the carmaker produced “The Convoy,” a three-minute movie that featured several Ram vehicles, including the Warlock and Rebel X grades. Because identifying the Easter eggs and behind-the-scenes secrets would need insider knowledge, Jeff Summers, Ram Trucks’ head of advertising, has done so.

In the video, one of the bikes wears race number 540, which represents the output of the Ram RHO. In the beginning, it is repeated on the clock inside the tent. This is as close as we will ever get to an official acknowledgment that Ram is developing a vehicle that could be a worthy successor to the TRX.

The LinkedIn post comes less than a week after Ram’s global operations officer stated that the company has the in-house experience and expertise to build extreme vehicles like the TRX if desired. While refusing to confirm or deny that a TRX successor with the necessary horsepower is in the works, there’s no reason SRT can’t go mad scientist on the Hurricane, as it did with the Hemi V8.

Or, now that Broderhof has endorsed the promise of electrified performance trucks — but not before Ram releases its bread-and-butter electrified trucks — there is another way to outperform the TRX’s 702 horsepower.

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