Rivian reveals R3, R3X electric SUVs as surprise siblings to R2

Rivian electric SUV lineup

At the unveiling of the Rivian R2, a smaller version of the R1S electric SUV, firm CEO RJ Scaringe revealed a surprise sister to the new ute: the R3. It is cute, with a look similar to the R1S and R2, but with a noticeable difference in size. Rivian also showed a sportier R3X model, as if that was not enough.

The R2’s wheelbase is 135 millimeters shorter. In addition to its smaller size, the car’s rear differs significantly from the boxy R2 and R1S, with a sloped window on the liftgate.

Like the R2, the R3 has two glove boxes, a frunk, and a lantern in the door. Rivian also announced on its Facebook page that the R3 will have a cheaper beginning price than the R2.

Scaringe also introduced another vehicle on stage, the R3X. Based on the R3, the R3X has a more giant wheel and tire, a wider stance, and a sporty tri-motor system. The unveiled example stands out from the R3 due to its vibrant orange mirror caps and interior.

According to Scaringe, Rivian describes this interior as “rugged fun,” it features exciting materials and textures such as cork and varied weaves.

The R2 will start at $45,000, and the R3 will be less expensive. Of course, the question is: How much less? In the following months and maybe years, we will be looking for answers to that question and further information regarding the R2, R3, and R3X.

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