3 Smart Ways to Cut Your Wholesale Mailer Boxes Costs Right Now

3 Smart Ways to Cut Your Wholesale Mailer Boxes Costs Right Now

There are times when online businesses are so focused on saving money in packaging that they end up overlooking the most simple ways to bring the costs down. This happens when you are solely focusing on the product box. Unfortunately, your packaging expenses are way more than just the humble mailer box.  

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One of the easiest ways to cut your packaging expense is by considering things like printing methods, pallets, assembly time, and more. Sure, it’s critical to look at the cost of packaging materials when you are trying to reduce your expenses, but it’s vital to look at the whole process when trying to trim down the packaging expenses. 

Reduce your Assembly and Packing Time 

Lowering your packing time is an effective way to decrease your packaging costs. Supply chain managers are laser-focused when they are assigned this task. Surprisingly though assembling and filling wholesale mailer boxes is often the quickest part.     

However, when you add multiple lengths of packing tape to seal the box or boost packages strength, it takes more time and uses a consumable product that increases your cost. These extra expenses are often hidden. 

Smart mailer boxes wholesale supplies require little to no tape for sealing and adding strength since they have a self-locking mechanism. These packaging boxes come pre-glued or are assembled in a way that you can lock them automatically.

This bars you from using the tape and hiring more workers to assemble the boxes manually. 

Get Rid of What’s Unnecessary 

Do you send marketing materials, flyers, or handwritten ‘thank you’ notes along with your orders?  

Of course, these things work wonders for your business and marketing team, but they wreak havoc on your packaging labor and costs. It’s an added expense not just in the form of material but also in terms of the time it takes to place the marketing stuff into each order.  

If you manage to get rid of these elements, it can drastically lower your wholesale mailer boxes costs. 

Instead, think about printing the thank you note right inside your mailer box or automatically send out promotional emails to your customers as soon as they receive their order. 

It will decrease raw material cost and fulfillment times. 

Use Custom-Sized Wholesale Mailer Boxes

One pressing issue for growing businesses is quickly sourcing packaging. That’s why many online retailers opt for standard size mailer boxes wholesale supply. Sure, these kind of mailer boxes are readily available and can be sourced in a short time. Many fledgling business consider it an excellent solution, but they fail to recognize the cost they have to pay for it. 

This might work in the beginning, but it isn’t a viable solution in the long run. For instance, oversized mailer boxes will take up more space during delivery, which will increase your shipping costs. 

In contrast, when you use custom mailer boxes, they make the most of the available space by allowing you to ship more products. A box that perfectly snugs your product also eliminate or lower the need for void fill.    

Using custom printed mailer boxes also provides you a terrific branding opportunity. 

Whether you are shipping them to the retailers or sending them directly to the customers, bespoke mailer boxes and branding will go hand in hand.  

Final Thoughts

When you carefully assess your packaging supply line, you will uncover many ways to save money without compromising on the quality and sacrificing the customer experience. That said, one should always keep the fine line between cutting the cost and saving cash in mind.  

Else, you will create a negative impact on the brand in a bid to reduce your expenses.

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