Stellantis won’t attend CES to ‘preserve capital’ in light of UAW strike

Stellantis CES 2024 Strike

MILAN — Stellantis, the global manufacturer of Jeep and Ram, announced on Tuesday that it would not be attending the CES technology exhibition in Las Vegas the following year, blaming the “mounting” costs associated with the continuing North American autoworkers’ strike.


During the current talks with the United Auto Workers union, the Europe-based firm stated that its primary emphasis is on ways “to limit financial repercussions and protect capital.” In addition to attending CES 2024, it declared that it would “demonstrate its transformation into a mobility tech company through other means.”


With the growing cooperation between automotive and tech businesses, CES has evolved into a forum for vehicle news. The upcoming event is scheduled for January 9–12.


We are now in the fifth week of the UAW strike, and there is no end in sight. All of the American automakers, including Stellantis, General Motors, and Ford, have had individual plants targeted by the union. The three firms are the target of about 34,000 autoworkers’ walkout, and the union has vowed to spread to more plants.

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