The Tesla Cybertruck is already being towed and isn’t on sale yet 

Tesla Cybertruck pre-release mishap


The Tesla Cybertruck’s official reveal date is approaching, but the long-awaited EV has been filmed and photographed so many times that the only details we don’t know are the exact prices and specifications. An illegally parked pre-release truck was seen being towed from a San Francisco street just days before its debut.


Some questioned the tow truck’s ability to pull the heavy Cybertruck, but the job did not appear to be difficult. However, most light-duty tow trucks can tow more than 7,000 pounds, and the tri-motor Cybertruck’s curb weight is said to be around 6,900 pounds, so there shouldn’t be any issues.


We don’t know how many pre-production “RC” trucks are on the road, but having such a high-profile vehicle towed must have set off a few alarm bells inside Tesla. More than four years after the truck’s initial unveiling, the automaker has yet to reveal its range, pricing, or configuration details.


As easy as it is to mock Tesla for misplacing a Cybertruck, this isn’t the first time a highly anticipated product has gone wrong before its release. An Apple employee left a prototype iPhone on a bar stool in 2010. Months before its official release, the phone was disassembled on camera, revealing all of its secrets. So, despite being great at making us all laugh ahead of its release, the Cybertruck is still in one oddly shaped piece.

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