Tesla lays off more staff in software, service teams

Tesla layoffs software service

After Tesla announced that they would let go another wave of employees, this time those working in software, services, and engineering, according to Electrek, confirmed the emails and a person familiar with the situation. 

The switch came after Tesla canceled its EV charging department after the media announced that it would cut its global staff by more than 10%. 

Tesla, whose stock has surged approximately 1%, specifically did not reply to Reuters when asked for comment. 

EV producers have been under scrutiny due to diminishing sales and a worsening price war among auto builders, connected to increased rates that made EVs uncommon. 

Due to massive layoffs, Tesla announced its prediction for spending above 350 million in the previous quarter. The higher-ups, including Drew Baglino, Rohan Patel, Rebecca Tinucci, and Daniel Ho, became casualties of the massive let go.  None of them managed to survive. 

In April of this year, Tesla disclosed that they were working on new models that could share most components and production processes with the existing line; thus, the required capital cost would be contained.

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