Tesla’s New Microprocessor Will be Smarter than a Person by 2033

Tesla New Microprocessor

Tesla’s new microchip will become more intelligent than humans by 2033. At this time, the microchip’s ability to work is 36 percent of the human brain.

The D1 microchip can carry out 362 billion operations per second, compared to the human brain’s 1 million billion operations per second, according a Vinarama research, a company that leases cars and vans.

This estimate was established by the business based on an analysis of previous and current Tesla chips, which revealed that the capacity of microchips is growing at a pace of 486 percent every year.

Vinarama claims that Elon Musk’s business would unveil its new D1 processor this year. The processor will play a significant role in both Tesla’s Autopilot self-driving system and the Dojo supercomputer platform.

Though there are conflicting predictions as to when this will occur, scientists have long held the view that artificial intelligence will eventually surpass that of humans.

According to Venarama, it’s not irrational to think that technology will surpass human intelligence within our lives. The synapses (connections between nerve cells) in the human brain can now be mimicked by microchips.

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