Tesla vs. Tesla: Carmaker sues Indian namesake for copying trademark

Tesla Sues Indian Company Trademark

NEW DELHI—Elon Musk’s carmaker, Tesla, has sued an Indian battery manufacturer for infringing on its trademark by using the brand name “Tesla Power” to promote its products. The company is seeking damages and a permanent injunction from a New Delhi court.

Tesla stated in a hearing at the Delhi High Court this week that despite a cease-and-desist warning in April 2022, the Indian company continued to advertise its products under the “Tesla Power” brand, according to court proceedings records filed on Friday.

The court record contained pictures from a website indicating that Tesla Power USA LLC had a Delaware headquarters and was “acknowledged for being a pioneer and leader in delivering inexpensive batteries” with “a very significant presence in India.”

Tesla informed the judge that it learned the Indian company was using its trademark in 2022 and that it had tried in vain to prevent it from continuing, which prompted the complaint.

Days later, Musk paid a surprise visit to China and announced plans to launch its sophisticated driver assistance package, which many Indian pundits criticized as a snub.

The next Tesla India trademark case hearing will be on May 22.

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