Tim Cook Introduces TSMC Arizona Factory

Tim Cook

As anticipated, Apple CEO Tim Cook traveled today and accompanied President Joe Biden on a tour of the upcoming TSMC semiconductor plant. Cook made the announcement during remarks at the event, adding that the chips will be “proudly stamped “Made in America’. And that TSMC will produce them for Apple at this new TSMC facility.

For the manufacturing of the Apple Silicon chips used in all of its products, TSMC is Apple’s partner. This applies to both the M-series chips used in the Mac and the A-series chips used in devices like the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. In an earlier report from Bloomberg, it was stated that TSMC would produce chips for Apple at this new facility in Arizona.

Tim Cook thanked President Biden for enacting the CHIPS Act and praised him for his “leadership” in his prepared remarks. The CHIPS Act provides businesses with incentives worth billions of dollars for domestic semiconductor production.

The Apple CEO then declared that TSMC will help the company produce Apple Silicon chips at this new Arizona facility.

In 2024, the brand-new TSMC facility in Arizona is anticipated to open. The plant was initially said to concentrate on producing 5nm chips. But it has recently been reported that it will instead use a 4nm process. The company will undoubtedly continue to use 4nm and 5nm chips in some of its products for a number-of-years. Despite the fact that this technology lags behind Apple’s rumored plans to switch to 3nm in 2023.

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