Popular Copilot Budgeting and Finance App Now Available on the Mac


Copilot, one of the most well-liked iPhone financial planning and budgeting apps, is now available for the Mac for the first time. Copilot’s “hyper-personalized finance data insights powered by machine learning” combine detailed reporting and personalization to assist you in setting a budget and keeping track of your finances.

Copilot constructs what it refers to as “realistic budgets” based on that activity using your transaction and spending data. These spending statistics are used to create budgets automatically.

With Copilot, you can keep an eye on your accounts, get push notifications for deposits and odd spending, and monitor your financial situation over time. The app also assists you in keeping track of all of your subscriptions. So that you are aware of the monthly cost of your streaming services, apps, and other subscriptions.

Anyone who has used the Copilot app for the iPhone will be familiar with the version for the Mac. There is a central dashboard view, followed by a menu on the left side. It gives you access to more information such as account data and detailed transaction histories.

The addition of a Mac significantly improves the Copilot experience. Because managing a budget and keeping track of money could be challenging on an iPhone.

Copilot for Mac is a universal and native application. It should run quickly and consistently on any Mac, whether it is an Apple Silicon or an Intel model. Today, it is available for download from the Copilot website. The price of the app is $8.99 per month or $69.99 annually.

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