Apple’s Online Store and Information Systems Chiefs are Leaving


It was recently reported that Jony Isuccessor, ve’s Evans Hankey, who leads Apple’s design team, will be leaving the company soon. Apple appears to be on the verge of losing two more top executives: Anna Matthiasson, vice president of the company’s online store, and Mary Demby, head of Apple’s Information Systems.

According to Bloomberg, the two executives are “stepping down” from their positions, though the details have not yet been made public. This means that Apple is losing three vice presidents, the highest-level positions in the company that reports directly to CEO Tim Cook.

The reasons for Matthiasson’s departure from Apple are unknown, but she will be replaced in Apple’s online store department by Karen Rasmussen, who previously worked in e-commerce. Matthiasson held this position for about three years, though she had previously worked at Apple as an operations executive.

Online sales have become increasingly important to Apple in recent years, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced Apple Retail Stores around the world to close for months.

Demby, according to the report, is retiring after working for three decades. There is still no one named to replace Demby, but David Smoley, who has been with Apple since 2019, is one possibility. Smoley was the previous chief information officer of AstraZeneca.

As previously reported, Evans Hankey will step down as Apple’s head of industrial design, though it is unclear who will take her place. After Jony Ive left Apple in 2019, Hankey and Alan Dye took over as the company’s design leaders.

Hankey was also a key figure at Apple, as she was involved in the development of many products and collaborated closely with Ive.

Some people familiar with the situation criticize Tim Cook’s management for putting operations executives’ decisions ahead of the company’s design team.

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