PSA: Twitter’s 2FA Changes go into Effect Today

Twitter's 2FA Changes go into Effect Today

On accounts that use 2FA via SMS messages but don’t pay for Twitter Blue, Twitter will entirely disable 2FA. If users don’t proactively move to another 2FA technique, many accounts may soon become less safe.

You have three choices if you use SMS messages for two-factor authentication on Twitter:

  • Do nothing because Twitter will stop two-factor authentication on your account tomorrow.
  • Change to a different two-factor authentication method utilizing iCloud Keychain, 1Password, Google Authenticator, or Authy, among other apps and services.
  • For $8 per month, sign up for Twitter Blue.

The second of the options above is what we advise doing. While it’s disappointing that Twitter is abandoning SMS two-factor verification, utilizing a specialized authenticator software is really much more secure. Every time you log into Twitter on a new device, you must input a two-factor authentication code that is generated by one of these apps.

Go to your account details on the Twitter app or on Twitter’s website and search for the “Security and Account Access” menu to adjust your two-factor authentication settings. You can change to an authentication app and manage your two-factor authentication settings here.

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