Unionized Apple Retail Employees want Tips from Customers

Unionized Apple Retail Employees want Tips from Customers

According to Bloomberg, on Wednesday and Thursday, the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers and Apple Retail staff are “conducting negotiations” with the business. They requested a 10% wage rise in their most recent proposal, as well as modifications to the policies governing overtime, vacation, and bereavement leave.

Employee reps, for instance, demand that Apple pay more for work schedules on holidays, such as the day following Thanksgiving. The union also requests more time off depending on years of service and longer paid vacations. In addition, it requests that bereavement periods be increased from 10 days per instance to a maximum of 45 days annually.

The workers are requesting that Apple implement a tipping system in addition to a pay increase. For in-store credit card transactions, clients would be able to leave tips for the staff in the amount of 3%, 5%, or whatever they choose.

According to the research, soliciting tips from consumers would have a major negative impact on “the company’s tightly controlled retail experience.” According to the union, leaving tips gives customers the freedom to “express gratitude for a job well done without any obligations.” According to some employees, this unique request can complicate talks and divert attention from more important reforms.

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