Vespa collaborates with Disney on Mickey Mouse-themed scooter 

Vespa collaborates with Disney

Vespa has teamed up with Disney to create a Mickey Mouse-themed scooter, commemorating Disney’s 100th birthday. Set to be released nationwide later this year, the special-edition Primavera showcases a black, yellow, and red livery that pays homage to the beloved rodent. To further stress the Mickey Mouse theme, Vespa has incorporated Mickey Mouse-shaped accents and an exclusive seat design.

The commemorative Primavera will be available in two variants, both keeping their original mechanical specifications. The entry-level model boasts a 49-cc single-cylinder engine generating a modest three horsepower and 2.1 pound-feet of torque. While the power output may seem underwhelming, the lightweight frame allows the Primavera to achieve an impressive fuel efficiency of around 94 mpg.

In August 2023, Vespa dealers in the US and Canada can expect receiving the Vespa Primavera Disney Mickey Mouse Edition. Pricing starts at $4,699 for the 50-cc model in the US, while the 155-cc model begins at $6,049. In Canada, only the 50-cc model will be available, priced at C$5,345. 

Although the commemorative Primavera is marketed as a limited-edition model, Vespa has not disclosed the exact number of units that will be produced.

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