NHTSA to require Automatic Emergency Braking on Trucks, Buses

NHTSA Automatic Emergency Braking

WASHINGTON-The government will require heavy trucks and buses to include automatic emergency braking (AEB) equipment within five years, according to the NHTSA. This move is expected to prevent nearly 20,000 crashes and save at least 155 lives annually. The NHTSA’s decision follows a similar requirement for new passenger cars and light trucks. It reflects the agency’s efforts to regulate electronic systems.

AEB systems can detect imminent crashes and automatically apply or supplement braking force if the driver fails to do so. The proposed rule, which will become final next year, applies to new trucks and buses weighing at least 10,000 pounds. Heavier trucks will be required to install the braking system three years after the rule is finalized, while vehicles weighing between 10,000 and 26,000 pounds will have until 2028.

The American Trucking Associations, the largest lobbying group in the industry, welcomed the announcement, expressing support for proven safety technologies like AEB. NHTSA statistics reveal that heavy trucks or buses are involved in approximately 60,000 rear-end crashes each year. 

The Transportation Department considers it an important step in addressing the national crisis of road fatalities. While implementing AEB systems by automakers has been progressing, it is important to note that these systems are not flawless, as evidenced by ongoing investigations into certain systems.

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