VW ID. GTI has lines that connect it to … an Oldsmobile 

VW ID. GTI Design Origins


When examining the Volkswagen ID. GTI, ‌it draws heavily on GTIs of all types from the previous few years. But VW’s Head of Design, Andreas Mindt, disclosed some unusual origins of some of the ID. GTI’s lines during a round-table discussion with the press.


Oldsmobile is probably the most unusual vintage connection, and there is a funny story behind it. According to Mindt, there is a line on the ID. GTI and many other VW vehicles date all the way back to the first Golf. The “Tornado” line is what it is named. The body has a low line that extends into the wheel arches. 


Mindt mentioned the De Tomaso Mangusta as another traditional model that influenced the ID. GTI. No, it lacks a split hood or hatchback, but the fenders appear to be comparable. Mindt noticed that Mangusta’s sharp arches that protrude from the body at the top give the impression that it has large fender flares. It prevents aerodynamic turbulence by keeping the wheel arches from jutting out excessively. 


That’s all there is to it. Historic VWs a De Tomaso and an Oldsmobile inspire the ID. GTI. Even if it didn’t, we still like it and hope VW brings the production version to the US.

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