WhatsApp Gets Better for Big Groups with New Communities


Meta is rolling out a few changes to WhatsApp that will make the app more usable for large groups of people, including the widespread implementation of Communities.

The launch of 32-person video calls coincides with the launch of WhatsApp’s new “Communities” feature. Which will support communication within larger organizations, the company announced on Thursday.

The addition of emoji message reactions and the Communities feature, which is WhatsApp’s answer to Telegram’s Groups and Channels sections, was first announced in April.

According to Meta, users of the chat application will now be able to “bring together different groups under one umbrella with a structure that works for them.” Methods for coordinating between neighborhoods or school districts could be included. This might include methods for coordinating between neighborhoods or school districts.

“It [communities] improves groups by enabling sub-groups, multiple threads, announcement channels, and other features,” said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a statement.

You’ll be able to do new things within WhatsApp Communities. Such as receiving updates sent to the entire community and organizing smaller discussion groups. There will also be new tools for administrators. Such as the ability to send announcement messages to the entire group and control which groups can join the community.

WhatsApp is also rolling out new features that can be used in both groups and communities, in addition to communities.

Communities are being launched globally and will be available to everyone in the coming months, according to Meta.

Communities are intended to house multiple related groups within larger human organizations, such as a neighborhood or a workplace. 

Consider Slack or Discord with a WhatsApp twist. And administrators can share updates with an entire community via an announcements channel. And the Communities were first tested by the company in April, and they are now available to everyone.

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