Will Flutter bring Evolution in App development?

Will Flutter bring Evolution in App development?

The usage of smartphones has increased during such crucial times of pandemic. Every business is focusing on building mobile applications for increasing their conversion rates and gaining more audience. Many mobile applications have faced losses due to lack of customer-centric features, different feel from the crowd, a testing procedure not done properly, or the latest technologies not integrated. 

Flutter App Development is gaining attention from many business owners in the market. It can help to build visually amazing applications that have ease of access on different platforms. Flutter allows a single codebase for Android and iOS which means it saves a lot of time and money. 

Let’s first see if Flutter is the Best Choice for 2021?

Being an open-source platform it provides a Software Development Kit which has tools for cross-platform mobile application development. It has a collection of widgets, command-line tools, engine rendering, API for integration, and testing. 

Flutter development works on a react architecture that lets the UI adjust the contents whenever any modifications are performed. Flutter development is done using the OOP concept that helps in the compilation of code into native code without any bridges.    

Some Noteworthy features of Flutter:

  • Flutter has a hot reload feature that is a strong tool to get numerous widgets and function n a dynamic interface. 
  • The developers can build applications for Android and iOS using one codebase
  • The Flutter Doctor command helps in addressing bugs so that developers can resolve them faster
  • The framework is flexible as it has widgets libraries for application developers to use. 
  • Great GPU rendering UI that is very essential when the application needs graphic designs 

What makes Flutter App Development trendy?

Customization of Designs 

You can create simple widgets or modify the existing widgets for application designs. Developers can easily build robust applications with little effort. 


This is used to grow an agency or display it to potential customers one requires MVP that can be easily handled by the Flutter framework. 

Support of Google

Flutter has an SDK of Google that helps in developing a detailed native compile application that can work for web, desktop, and mobile platforms using a single codebase.

Single Codebase 

The Flutter technology executes cross-platform applications that are supported by both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Flutter developers find it easy to build apps as they have to work in a single codebase. 

Same UI for different platforms 

It has common UI patterns that are derived using reusable widgets and components. This reduces the need to set UI properties such as colors, styles, and more individually. UI and business logic modifications can be done just by editing the code using a Flutter framework.  

Requires Less Testing

Developers can write automatic tests once since it has a single codebase for the applications. Flutter has faster testing which directly increases the application’s time-to-market. 

Saves Time

The deployment time is eliminated as the changes can be immediately executed in the existing application without any data loss. Features like developing UI and troubleshooting can be created for the application. 

Native App functionality Similarity

Flutter mobile app is written using Dart language that reduces JavaScript Bridge and the compilation is done with native machine code. This lets the compiling and launching of the application quicker as compared to React native.

Hot Reloading 

Flutter applications can work on an existing platform by changing the Dart Code and maintain great designs on platforms. Flutter app development already has advanced mobile applications by bringing new chances for the desktop and web for users.

Evolution of Flutter in Future

It already has gained popularity with its unique feature and cross-platform development for mobile applications. Let us see how it will improve in the future:

  • Web Applications: The Flutter community is focusing on a single codebase for a web application that will be compatible with Android and iOS. 
  • Desktop Applications: Developers are working on making the Flutter applications compatible with desktops like Linux, Windows, and macOS.
  • Flutter for Embedded: Flutter community will introduce stable innovations to handle advanced technologies like IoT with the framework. 


In short, Flutter is going to be a game-changer in the future when it will come to cross-platform mobile applications. You can hire a Flutter app development company that has great experience in the market and have a team of experts to handle your requirements efficiently. We have provided you with various reasons to select Flutter development for your mobile applications and get the latest technologies integrated into it. Many organizations already have great knowledge about this platform which can help them in working effortlessly on improving the business and increasing conversion rates. 

Flutter is already becoming famous in offshore and onshore projects. It has less difficulty level as compared to React Native and easier to use. Developers know that it takes fewer efforts, time, and resources to develop a mobile application. The world is evolving and so should your mobile applications with the best features and functionalities in the digital world. We will suggest that Flutter is the best choice for online businesses looking to deploy their applications on different platforms. 

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