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Bangladesh best e-commerce sites

Since COVID-19, online shopping has become popular in Bangladesh, and people desire to choose their products from hundreds of sources. There are currently over fifty reliable e-commerce websites available. However, because these online stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, consumers seek simple, trustworthy, and relevant e-commerce buying sites where they may shop at any time. That is why we have chosen the top ten eCommerce sites in Bangladesh that will still be active in 2023; let us now investigate these top-ranked sites. 

The top 10 e-commerce stores in Bangladesh


Site Unique Quality
Chaldal Largest online grocery store in Bangladesh
Daraz Offers e-commerce and logistics services
Ajkerdeal Affordably priced, offers product refunds
Othoba Offers EMI options, flexible return policy
Rokomari Specializes in electronics and books
PriyoShop Accepts various payment methods, 24-hour support
Pickaboo Focuses exclusively on electronics and technology
Bikroy Online marketplace for buying and selling goods
Bagdoom User-friendly design, lifestyle-focused
Foodpanda Known for its online food ordering platform

1. Chaldal 

Founded in 2013, is Bangladesh’s most fabulous online grocery store, offering convenient doorstep delivery for all daily food goods. In addition to fruits, vegetables, rice, seafood, and meat, offers its clients an enormous assortment of household appliances, cosmetics, and healthcare items. Chaldal wants to establish a Bangladesh where people can buy for needs like food without leaving their homes. Their primary objective is to give their clients comfort and substantial time savings. Chaldal’s business strategy, however, sets it apart from the other e-commerce platforms in the nation. The website primarily aims to supply its clients with grocery and household goods. 

Site: chaldal

2. Daraz

On February 09, 2015, the Pakistani e-commerce platform was officially unveiled at Pan Pacific Sonargaon in Dhaka. Now, with 8.6 million active users per month, it also ranks among the top e-commerce sites in Bangladesh. The website offers various goods, including clothing, electronics, accessories, lifestyle items, household appliances, cars, etc. The online store is active in several nations, including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. The platform holder has collaborated with many well-known businesses. Daraz not only offers e-commerce but also logistics services. In May 2018, the company was acquired by Alibaba Group, a Chinese e-commerce powerhouse, after realizing its enormous success. With over 10 million products, Daraz is Bangladesh’s largest online shopping mall. 

site: Daraz

3. Ajkerdeal

Another well-known e-commerce website in Bangladesh that has had great popularity since its launch is Ajkerdeal. The sister firm of BDjobs, Akjerdeal, commenced operations on November 19, 2011. Various everyday commodities, cosmetics, electronics, appliances, home goods, clothing, mobile phones, jewelry, food items, and so forth are all affordable here. The website features an easy-to-use layout and provides free shipping on some items. However, a few customers have voiced complaints about the level of customer support and product quality. It is considered one of the most reliable e-commerce sites for buyers and sellers. In addition, they offer product refunds for broken items. Cash-on-delivery, DBBl Banking, iPay, Master Card, Visa Card, and brash payment options are available.

site: Ajkerdeal

4. Othoba, a PRAN-RFL Group sibling firm, opened its virtual doors to the public in 2015 and is estimated to attract 543.47K visits monthly. Along with most of PRAN-RFL’s commodities, offers its clients a diverse selection of products, including apparel, electronics, jewelry, toys, accessories, makeup, home appliances, and furniture. Visitors to the website might obtain exclusive deals on a specific page. Furthermore, the company provides EMI choices for its items and exclusive discounts to its users. Othoba orders can be delivered to any location in Bangladesh. Aside from same-day delivery, the website permits returns for up to seven days if the goods are not what you purchased. Customers outside of Bangladesh can also place orders after their shipping address is provided. 

Site: Othoba

5. Rokomari

One of the best online stores in Bangladesh for electronics and books is It started operating in 2012 and has established a delivery network in Rangpur, Chittagong, and Dhaka. They offer a variety of book genres in addition to highly affordable devices and accessories. They have fantastic sales of electronics and books. Cash-on-delivery (COD), MasterCard, VISA, Bkash, and DBBL are among their accepted forms of payment. Customers of are offered a flexible return and refund policy. You can return the book for a complete refund within three days of purchase. With just a few clicks on the Rokomari website, you may text a loved one on a special occasion. 

Site: Rokomari

6. PriyoShop

2013 saw the launch of Priyoshop into the online retail space. This store sells everything from jewelry and accessories to apparel and shoes. As long as you have an internet connection, you can order anything online and deliver it to any location worldwide. Among the best eCommerce sites in Bangladesh, it accepts several payment methods, including American Express, Visa, brash, and cash on delivery. It provides a wide range of products, several discounts, 24-hour shipping, round-the-clock customer support, an accessible replacement facility, and more. Owing to these amenities, the anticipated monthly visitor count is 190.37K. 

Site: Priyoshop

7. Pickaboo 

In 2016, Pickaboo launched and focused exclusively on electronics and technology products. The market is dedicated to offering customers the best and most authentic goods, such as authentic watches, laptops, gadgets, cell phones, and mobile devices. The website is well-known for its affordable prices and quick 24-hour delivery. For defective merchandise, they also offer a return policy. The available payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, bKash, EMI payments, cash-on-delivery, and swipe-on-delivery. Pickaboo has become well-known among online shoppers by concentrating only on electrical and technological products. Consequently, there’s no need to go gadget shopping. Nearly 361.91K people visit it each month.

Site: Pickaboo

8. Bikroy is a giant online marketplace where people may purchase and sell various goods simultaneously. The most extensive online selection of used goods may be found at Depending on where you live, you may find the best local costs here. Posting an advertisement on their website is all required; it takes less than two minutes! You can advertise your product for free in 50 different regions of the United States with The website’s authority thoroughly inspects every good to guarantee the highest caliber for its clients.’s distinctive and customer-focused business strategy and availability of many products and free promos in many regions have allowed it to be a go-to place for online consumers in Bangladesh.

Site: Bikroy

9. Bagdoom 

The previous e-commerce site in Bangladesh,, which was the first to join the market in 2010, has been relaunched as Bagdoom. It offers a user-friendly design and promises to sell practically every type of lifestyle goods. Bagdoom is renowned for its affordable prices and user-friendly smartphone app. It seems that young people are their primary target market. They also offer an active blog where readers can access various lifestyle-related articles. Bagdoom is a one-stop lifestyle marketplace that unites numerous national and international brands. Vendors may market their brands periodically, and consumers can receive the most significant things at the lowest prices thanks to various promotions.

Site: Bagdoom

10. Foodpanda

In Bangladesh, Foodpanda is a well-known online food ordering platform. sells goods in several categories, including electronics, cameras, cellphones, laptops, medical supplies, makeup, fashion items, and appliances for the home. Periodically, promotional offers are arranged to provide clients with the most excellent online shopping experience possible. They are the best when it comes to delivery! Within Dhaka, there is a 24-hour fast delivery service accessible. A consumer has three days from the delivery date to return an item if they want. Along with other well-liked payment methods, including bKash, swipe on delivery, cash on delivery, Visa, and Master cards; their policy also takes EMI payments. Customers can also order via its app, which works like its website nationwide.

Site: Foodpanda

Wrap Up

This brings an end to our list of the top e-commerce websites in Bangladesh based on user behavior, which also includes Pickaboo, Bikroy, Bagdoom, Chaldal, Daraz, Ajkerdeal, Othoba, Rokomari, PriyoShop, and Foodpanda. I hope reading this post has made you more knowledgeable about the hottest online retailers. Enjoy your shopping! Bangladesh might not be all that advanced in this sector, either. But with how much better it gets every day, perhaps not too long from now, we will witness a worldwide gain from our homeland!

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