1Password passkey support for the web launches in public beta on the Mac

1Password passkey support for the web

Passkeys are gradually replacing passwords as more parts come into place. With iCloud Keychain, Apple already offers passkey compatibility, and now 1Password is introducing web support for its browser extensions.

In the form of public beta releases of its extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave, 1Password Passkey support for the web was released today. In 1Password’s apps for Mac, iOS, and other platforms, passkey support has already been included. Using passkeys in 1Password is as simple thanks to browser extension support as it is with iCloud Keychain on the Mac.

Users will also receive notifications from 1Password through its Watchtower function when websites frequently have been updated to accept passkey. The most recent 1Password beta applications have that capability available right now.

Since the FIDO Alliance, which includes Apple, originally announced complete passkey compatibility, 1Password has been putting forth effort in that direction. With its Passage developer tool, the business has also played a significant role in encouraging websites to adopt the more secure authentication standard.

Google’s earlier this month rollout of support for passkey-based account logins is a significant step forward. Users of 1Password can access the passkey-compatible browser extension’s public beta by clicking this link.

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