Netflix’s Password Sharing Crackdown Coming to the US

Netflix's Password Sharing Crackdown in US

Netflix’s plan to crack down on password sharing has been in the works for a while now, but it’s only now that the company has officially announced that it will be rolling out this feature in the US and other countries in the coming months. The new system requires devices to connect to the home Wi-Fi network of a Netflix account at least once every 31 days, preventing password sharing with people outside of the household.

Netflix has revealed that it uses data such as IP addresses, account activity, and device IDs to determine whether a device signed into an account is actually associated with the account’s primary location. If a device is away from its primary location for an extended period, it may be blocked from watching Netflix, and users can request a temporary access code to continue watching.

Netflix’s decision to expand its password-sharing crackdown to the US and other countries comes as the company is looking to increase its paid membership base and invest in improving its service for paying members. While this move may be controversial, Netflix has assured its users that they can still pay for additional sub-accounts for people they don’t live with.

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