Twitter Circle Tweets are Showing up for Random Users

Twitter Circle Tweets appearing for random users

Several Twitter users have reported seeing Circle tweets from persons they don’t follow since last Friday. These tweets have notably been appearing on the For You tab, which presents algorithmically selected content. A tweet added to a Circle shouldn’t be visible to users outside of it, which is the problem.

The retweet button for that piece of content is then disabled. The tweet simply vanishes after clicking, appearing to have been removed. It is still visible under the For You tab, though. TechCrunch and 9to5Mac both discovered the flaw, and the latter two verified it with an anonymous user who had sent an affected tweet to a Circle.

This not only makes users doubt Twitter’s reliability, but it may also put them in risk if someone publishes confidential material with their circle and a tweet about it ends up getting leaked to other users of the social network.

Many people utilize the tool to express personal and intimate ideas about their lives because it developed Twitter Circle as a choice to help users share content with close friends without having to make their accounts private. Users must now use caution when using Twitter Circle.

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