Kuo: 27-inch mini-LED Apple External Display Targeting 2025 Release

Apple Plans 2025 Mini-LED Display

Apple reportedly abandoned plans for a new 27-inch external display featuring mini-LED panel technology, according to display analyst Ross Young yesterday. It was speculated that this was either the upgraded Apple Studio Display or a device that would fall between that and the Pro Display XDR.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, disagrees with the claim that the project has been completely shelved and asserts that the product will eventually be released. According to Kuo, mass manufacturing will start in late 2024 or early 2025.

Kuo said that the panel would have every feature “one would expect from a high-end monitor,” perhaps referring to support for 120Hz ProMotion. In addition, a new glass backplane will be used, which is different from what is typically seen in Apple’s current array of products with screens.

According to Kuo, the redesigned backplane will enable a more streamlined overall chassis by permitting a thinner panel and thinner overall display bezels. If Kuo’s prediction for 2025 proves to be correct, the display won’t be refreshed for approximately three years. However, when you consider the long tail of the Apple external display roadmap, that is not an extraordinarily lengthy period.

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