Samsung intends to include S Pen slots in future Galaxy Z Fold phones

I can only recommend Samsung if you want a truly definitive foldable smartphone experience. The Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip series are two of the most well-known foldable phones available today, and according to the South Korean company, the market for these devices will increase by 80% by 2025.

Future Galaxy Z Fold phones from Samsung should have a S Pen slot, flagship cameras, better weight, durability, and other features. Part suppliers were told at a meeting held by Samsung MX in the third week of October earlier this year that the smartphone market will experience annual growth of up to 80% by 2025. In addition, Samsung discussed how Apple is anticipated to enter the foldable market by 2024.

Samsung also discussed how South Korean consumers in their 20s and 30s are switching from Apple to Samsung foldable phones. Additionally, according to Samsung, 90% of users of foldable smartphones will stick with the new design and purchase a foldable as their next device.

The main improvements that need to be made to foldable smartphones are their size, weight, and durability. Additionally, the screen’s crease needs to be lessened. Samsung has also discussed the need for a S Pen slot, stating that the Galaxy Z Fold series is the ultimate in productivity technology.

Numerous users have previously requested this feature, and the business is also looking forward to enhancing the phones’ overall camera system. It goes without saying that Samsung is very serious about advancing foldable phones and making them a staple in the market.

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