2025 BMW M3 Touring Gets An Early And Almost Invisible Facelift

BMW M3 Touring Facelift


The average new automobile is on the market for six to eight years before being replaced by a new design. Thus, automakers regularly update or facelift models in the middle to keep them appearing fresh in the face of newer competition and overfamiliarity. Some cars need a makeover by this point, but BMW’s M3 Touring—shown here in facelifted guise—is not one of them.

So a facelift is unlikely to have much of an impact on M3 Touring demand, and this one especially won’t because the modifications are so minor that only a real BMW fan will notice them on the road. The sheet metal is identical, as are the front and rear bumpers and the massive twin nostril grille, which we must admit has grown on us. 

The fronts receive the same lamp units as the recently upgraded M4 coupe and convertible, with arrowhead DRLs that double as turn signals and high and low beams integrated into the single LED module.

It looks good, but it will feel terrible when you activate the all-wheel drive system’s rear-wheel drive mode and dangle the tail broad on your favorite roundabout, allowing the wheel to spin through your hands. The wagon is only available in xDrive Competition with the ZF automatic, and the M4 Competition’s 3.0-liter turbo six has recently received a 20 horsepower (20 PS) bump, bringing total power to 523 hp.

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