Vikings Rookie Jordan Addison Caught at 140 in 55 for ‘Dog Emergency

Addison Caught for Dog Emergency

In a surprising turn of events, the Minnesota Vikings’ newly drafted wide receiver, 21-year-old Jordan Addison, found himself in hot water before the NFL season even kicked off. Selected as the 23rd pick in the 2023 draft from the University of Southern California, Addison has already made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Just two days before the start of training camp, ESPN reported that a Minnesota State Patrol officer pulled over Addison at 3:07 in the morning for speeding. The young footballer was caught driving at a staggering 140 miles per hour in a Lamborghini Urus, on a stretch of I-94 in St. Paul, where the speed limit is 55 mph.

According to reports, Addison initially slowed down upon seeing police lights from another trooper who was already conducting a stop on the right shoulder of the road. The second trooper then pulled him over without incident. As of now, the Minnesota Vikings organization is aware of the situation and is “gathering additional information.” 

While the exact details of the dog emergency have not been disclosed, everyone hopes that Addison’s furry friend is okay. The incident serves as a stark reminder to young athletes about the importance of responsible behavior both on and off the field.

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