Alfa Romeo putting a slicker ‘coda tronca’ on its compact CUV

Alfa Romeo slicker

Alfa Romeo is embracing retro design cues and bringing back the iconic “Coda Tronca” or “short tail” in its upcoming compact crossover. Design chief Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos revealed that the next-generation Alfa Romeo cars will incorporate the Coda Tronca design, not only to enhance aerodynamic efficiency and range but also to give the vehicles a distinctive Alfa Romeo character. The Coda Tronca features a descending roof that terminates in a vertical flank, reminiscent of a car being sliced with a large knife.

The inspiration for this design comes from the 1963 Alfa Romeo Turbolare Zagato and Sprint Zagato. Mesonero-Romanos stated that the Coda Tronca would be featured in several future models, with the first being the compact crossover expected to launch next year. This model will serve as Alfa Romeo’s European counterpart to the recently introduced Jeep Avenger battery-electric crossover. 

Speculations about the upcoming Alfa Romeo crossover suggest that it will utilize the Stellantis eCMP 2 platform, housing a 54 kWh battery beneath the seats. Additionally, there are expectations for a gas-powered version. The implementation of the Kamm tail design could differentiate the Alfa Romeo from its Jeep counterpart and potentially affect the range of both powertrain options.

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